Hello! I’m Justerica Angelic

(the busy Mommy Boss, but most importantly) the Creative Boss of All Trades! I specialize in photography, brand styling, web design, and business consulting. I also have interests in fashion, music, media and entertainment.

I am a 2017 Graduate from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors in Fashion Business. I chose this degree because every since I could remember, I loved photography and everything about it. I enjoyed being the photographer and the model! So I taught myself how to do both, I even studied photography in high school and some in college. I was able to find a way to combine the love I had for fashion and photography! I loved taking pictures so much that I would have full blown out photoshoots at home, I would dress myself up and spend the whole day creating new looks to post on my social media.


A little more

The frequently asked question was always “where did you get that outfit from?”. My junior year of college is when I decided to start my online boutique. I figured that since I loved fashion and photography so much, and people were asking about my outfits already, it made sense to start an online boutique where I could sell my own products!

Although I had started this boutique, my close family and friends that knew about my skills in photography and graphics would ask me to do little things here and there for them. So I would, because I LOVE to create! I only planned on using my skills for my boutique so I wouldn’t have to outsource a photographer or a graphic designer because I knew that I could get it all done myself. But in 2018, God had other plans for me.

In 2018, I started booking more photoshoots, I started getting graphic and web design clients! Man, I was busy! I had to spruce up my website, and add services on that were being requested. This Creative Studio was something I never planned on having, but turned out to be the best thing I never knew I needed! I am forever grateful for my support and everyone around me that can see my vision to succeed.

I now work with some amazing brands! I put my best foot forward, offering the best customer service and professionalism. I strive to be successful in every way. I go hard for my passion to create. I can talk business, fashion, styling, graphics, photography, art, music, entertainment, and web design all day.

Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to hear from you, let’s work together!